By olivia, Dec 22 2014 07:14PM

There are few reasons why me an Elite vip London escort flew over to the Big Apple. One of which is seeing the Impressionist floors at my favourite art museums. .As some of you know me as a little rebel, finding Bansky graffiti, in a different parts of town ,was also on top of my list. I just love being immersed in the art world!

On a rainy November day I decided to head off to Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was so disappointed after I found out that my favourite room I wanted to visit was closed. I decided just to let it be and go with the flow, so I began to explore different rooms. I shortly found myself between El Greco's and Cezanne's exhibitions, where a certain someone's appearance developed my attention...

He looked like Adonis and his body reminded me of David sculptured by Michaelo Angelo. For a moment I forgot where I was, but quickly realised it was jet lag which I was hoping goes away soon. So did my Adonis ...

Well I consider myself complitly immuned to beautiful men, as a London top model escort I know it might sound a bit controversial but I find myself really attracted to executive looking guys. Beauty attracts my eyes but personality definitely captures my heart and mind.

Look at Roger Vadim or Jean Paul Belmondo. This time however I completely lost it.

I blame it on pheromones :) My face changed ,it became brighter than my blusher that I applied that day.

Cheeky to say but If I was museum curator I would put him in as art installation.

Suddenly, he appeared again and without giving me any chance to look at him, Adonis grabbed my hand and started leading me onward thought dark endless corridors. Does he work at the museum? How does he know all the rooms, halls floors numerous stairways and doorways ?

All these questions were crossing my mind and I could not find any reasonable answer.I felt excitement but suddenly he pulled my arm little harder and took us to one of the darkened rooms. There was nothing there apart from a few easels unfinished paintings, canvas and chairs.

The sensible part of me wanted to escape but curiosity and excitement took over. Without giving me any chance to speak he kissed my neck gently, the touch of his lips upon it were gave me goosebumps... His hands were wondering all over my body. Now I fully understand what people mean by the language of love .

Suddenly someone grabbed my shoulder ...

It turned out to be gallery assistant telling me they are just about to close. I can't believe I was there daydreaming staring at one of the paintings.

After leaving the Met I decided to go back to hotel room immediately and stay in for the rest of the night. My bedroom overlooked Central Park so I started exploring the options of what could I have done at the gallery if only my Adonis was real.

This year my trip as Elite NYC escort came to an end but I look forward to come back in March.Until then I hope to see New Yorker's visiting London...

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